LED Purge Mask Blue X

LED Purge Mask Blue X

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This LED Mask was inspired by the Purge, LED Light-up mask that is not recommended for airsoft unless you use goggles under the mask to protect your eyes.



  • This mask is made from good quality plastic, it has a single black strap plus forehead foam padding.
  • The LEG cable that runs through the mask is almost indestructible and is powered buy 2 AA standerd batteries.
  • The power unit has a belt clip and a long cable plus a push button switch to select on/off and 2 speed flashing affects.
  • Please note: we do not recommend this mask for airsoft! However if used with goggles would make a great inpact your next CQB game.


  • Harmless, no UV or adverse effects
  • Light uniform, not flicker so will not make eyes produce tension
  • No heat, the working temperature is lower than the fluorescent lamp
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