IWI Jericho B CO2 Steel BB Air Pistol



This is the fully licenced IWI JERICHO B from Umarex, a CO2 powered 4.5mm steel bb pistol. IWI home of the legendary UZI offers the outstanding JERICHO-B.

Made by Umarex, the IWI Jericho B is based upon the ever popular CZ75 pistol with only slight modifications made to its tried and tested design. Made to be an almost exact replica of the original 9mm pistol, this airgun version features a heavy duty metal slide to give a realistic weight as well as providing fantastic reliability. The non-blowback action has two benefits, firstly it reduces recoil to improve your accuracy and secondly, it conserves CO2 meaning you get more full power shots per capsule. The double action trigger of the pistol is a particular highlight when coupled with the semi-automatic firing action. This pistol is sure to provide endless enjoyment to shooters of all kinds.

Estimated FPS: 377

  • 23 Round
  • Steel BB 4.5 (.177)
  • Duble Action
  • Movable Slide
  • Co2 Powered
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