HY015B Umpa Spring BB Gun

HY015B Umpa Spring BB Gun

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This HY0150C is a UMP style Airsoft BB Gun.

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The HY015B is a UMP style spring airsoft BB gun. This gun is in the JBBG orange and black and has many great features. The HY015B from SYMA has a tactical fixed stock that can be removed for transportation. It has a front grip with built-in LED coloured torch, which slides on to the under rail system of the gun. It has 2 rail covers loaded on each side of the gun’s rail system. The scope is a dummy with no actual targeting capability or red dot function, however, the guns pin sights are good. The gun has a cocking handle located on the front left of the gun making it easy to set the gun ready to fire. The magazine has a 14 round capability and is easy to reload at any time.